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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who are the Terrorists

For those of you who fear the terrorists in this country as well as those out of country, go check out Christopher Dickey’s article on the madness of violence in the United States by citizens against citizens.
“July 20 - The sentencing of Eric Rudolph, who bombed abortion clinics, a gay bar and the Atlanta Olympics, ought to be a milestone in the Global War on Terror. In Birmingham, Ala., on Monday he got life without parole.”

Laws have now been passed to name what is terrorist's acts and how to identify and punish thouse acts more harsly to prevent people from blowing up abortion clinics, gay bars, and Muslim or Jewish, or churches white or black or both, or any other type of establishment that offends or pisses off or disagrees with the moral code of an individual or a group. That's a good thing, the law being passed that is. I don't agree with someone, I'm not going to go bomb them out, or kill them; reasonable people don't act like that. Reasonable people discuss, argue, come to conclusions, and either agree or disagree but we don't tear up a building, kill, or take a country.

“Abortion is murder, and because it is murder I believe deadly force is needed to stop it.” The Birmingham prosecutor declared that Rudolph had “appointed himself judge, jury and executioner.”

Abortion is murder according to Rudolph and those who think like him but what is the kind of killing that he does? Isn’t it murder? What those idiots do is stupid, unreasonable, totally without logic, they decide they are going to take a stand against gay bars or abortion clinics and they defend their stance with Biblical reference, by the way, they totally forget the part in the old and the new testament about murder; yet, they do exactly what the Bible supposedly tells them not to do. They murder, and I'm sorry, having gay sex opposed to blowing up a bar and killing many, not even the same level of sin, if it is a sin at all, and I am still not committed on that one. It's like Cllinton and oral sex or Bush and his trying to wipe out a civilization and then lying about it. Which is worse? Go figure.

What about the attack of the World Trade Center? What about the attack on Iraq by the USA?

Rudolph's sentence, life in prison, which is good, he should have gotten life, he should have gotten life plus worse; although, I am against the death penalty, there are times when I think maybe death. Timothy McVeigh got lethal injection—but what happens when the offending terrorists is a country like the USA? Bush declared war on terror but became sidetracked, lied, led troops into Iraq and has killed many innocent women, children,(children they are killing children, babies, teenagers, killing them raping them, there are tapes!) and men in the name of a lie—something he was suppose to believe in, but perhaps he didn’t believe in it, that is, perhaps he just wanted a name for himself, maybe it was oil, or just to finish what his father started. Maybe he is a warmonger, who like those warmongers of times past can't be happy unless he is fighting. Unlike Rudolph, who believed by attempting to kill all those innocent people he was carrying out God’s will, Bush had no spiritual guidance whether real or delusional. I can show more sympathy, though there is no sympathy for him, toward Rudolph than I can Bush because while Rudolph may have been delusional and passionate about what he believe, or maybe not, maybe he was just a cold blooded killer, nonetheless, we do now the Bush is in Iraq for no reason what so ever. He has sent troops over to this country and the prisoners they capture have been tortured, raped, and killed; the country has been destroyed, and the only thing left in all of this destruction is that maybe, we will get the hell out of there and leave those people alone. My heart grieves for all those people who have been mistreated or killed at the hands of our troops, and I think about our troops and what they have seen and done and how some of them have changed from good law-abiding people to these monsters who have done such awful things, things like what unreasonable people like Rudolph have done!


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