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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What Meth Does to Families has a good post on Meth. Babies. After reading it, I decided to add what I know, which can be put in a thimble, but in this particular case, I do know a lot; my daughter has been and is a Meth user.

The one thing I know about the changes in her personality since she has become an addict is that she has lost her humanity; those are the only words I can use to describe what has happened to her. She parties all night, sleeps all day, and if no one is there to attend to my grandson, he stays in the crib all day long crying, in a dirty diaper, wet diaper, sucking on a bottle that has been in bed with him all day. When she does wake up enough to hear him cry, she makes him another bottle of milk in the same dirty bottle. If his crying doesn’t stop, she screams at him. I know, my husband witnessed it. When I rescue him, he grabs me and holds on for dear life. I can’t win a court battle, not in Arkansas. Grandparents have no rights. I am waiting for the probation officer to revoke her probation and hopefully she will go to jail, and I will get custody of the baby.
Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but she is grown, my grandson isn’t. I have to save him. For the last couple of days, she has been clean; she knows she is going to be drug tested, however, my son is going to rat her out to her probation officer about some hot check violations as well as other things. Then I get my grandson.

When my seven-year-old grandson was only three, I called her and she didn't know where she was, I asked her where my grandson was and she said she didn't know. I called all her friends looking for her and was at the point of calling the police but drove to her house. Her car was there and when I knocked on the door, my three grandson said, "I'm here, don't leave, I can't open the door. " MY husband broke the window. She was passed out, there was a pile of snack foods on the coffee table and containers of juice. I took my grandson and she didn't even know for two days that he wasn't with her.

She lives with us now, but that is going to change as I am going to move and I want to take him with me. Even with her living with us, she can take him out of the house anytime she wants or refuse to let me take him with me.

My son, works as a dispatcher, and he knows how sad the meth children are. He says they carry cell phones that have no connection because they can at least get 911. Children as young as four will call and say their parents won’t wake up and they are scared. You see, Meth. users tweak for days at a time, when they finally run out of dope, they crash and sleep so soundly that they don’t hear their children crying. He told me just the other night, a little boy called and said he was hungry. The cops got there and found a newborn in the crib with a diaper filled with maggots, the newborn was so malnourished they flew it to a hospital where he could get specialized care. The other two children were just as malnourished but older so they weren’t as seriously ill.
A 13 year old called one night because her daddy thought she had flushed his dope down the toilet. He was screaming he was going to kill her. Another little girl called and said her daddy locked her and her siblings out of the house. They were at a phone booth wanting something to eat and drink. One of those kids was in diapers. The cops rescued the children then went to the house where they found the parents cooking meth. Those children were lucky; most parents cook it with the kids in the house.
The issues of Meth are personal to me, because of my daughter. She was a good kid, she had a future, and she was a good parent but now she lives and breathes for drugs. My grandsons pay the price. There need to be treatment programs, more drug enforcement policies and stiffer penalties. If the government doesn’t do something about this drug and at least force the users into treatment, there is going to be a generation of children being raised in foster care…well those not lucky enough to have grandparents. Foster care isn’t meant for long term care and those children never belong. They are always the visitors who came in the middle of the night.


Blogger deanna said...

My daughter is a long time user also, she was so pretty and so good, now she is sad tired and in and out of jail and prison. She has 5 or 6 felonies, drug and others.Just today i set her up to go to prison, she has been running for almost a year. I did it for her own good, shes a slammer, and im afraid that will kill her.I love her and remember her as a littel girl, but i cant alow her to have kids to abuse, I have a wonderful grandbaby from another daughter,and so i dont know what it is like to watch them suffer,and never want to know.

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