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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I need a pet.

I miss having animals, well not counting my husband who falls somewhere between a baboon and a slug. My precious Boots, who was third on the hierarchy of importance in my life, one being my two grandsons and two being my two children, and three being Boots, and four being Mr. Zelda. I can’t help it, he came after the cat, so naturally the cat had more history and was almost loved as much as my children and grandchildren. Anyway, I miss having animals. It has been almost two years since Boots was put to sleep. I am getting itchy for a kitten and for a puppy and as soon as I get my house sold and buy one up here, I am going straight to the pound and getting me a kitten and a puppy. Yes, and then I am going to go my friend and hopefully her little Chihuahua will have puppies then and I am getting one of those tiny little fellows.
I might even buy a huge tank and get me some really nice fish. I know keeping fish seems cruel but I never over crowd my tanks and I get really large tanks and put only a few and keep their happiness in mind by feeding them live food from time to time and making their home clean and safe and if they swim in nature in schools, I get schools of them, like neons. Yes, I never get bully fish. I would get a bird, but I have tried that and it is just too cruel, unless you have a room where they can move about, not fly about, but move about. I like my birds outside, in the trees singing.

The most unusual pet that I ever had was a desert turtle. I thought he was a he, but one day, I saw him digging and digging and then a few months later, a bunch of tiny turtles emerged from that area, so I found out he was a she and the digging was for depositing her eggs. That was when I lived in Bakersfield, California. I kept them for years until one day I realized I had way too many and didn’t want to turn them loose, they were so tame, and I called the wildlife man and he came and told me just how illegal it was to have those turtles in captivity and when I explained that I found the female in my back yard and just left her there and fed her and gave her water, he smiled. He took all my turtles and promised to keep them in a nice animal reserve place. Later in the years, another huge turtle popped back into my back yard from under a crack in the fence. I fed and water her/him too and when I moved, I gave him to a friend. I also had a pet cricket, not because I wanted him, but I didn’t want to kill him or touch him so I just let him live in my closet. Every once in a while I saw him but mostly I heard him. Chirping away.


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