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Saturday, March 11, 2006

First my gut, then my lungs, what next, my gullet?

Yesterday, I had more test, well the same test but different stuff was looked at. They gave me valium, and I don’t remember what for. So, if my blood work clears me, I am having a wedge of my stomach and the diseased part of my small intestine removed. I am hoping that it clears so that I can have a spring break surgery. The doctor thinks he can do this through laser and laparoscopic surgery, and I should be okay to resume pre-op activities with in a week or so. The problem is my antibiotic consumption. The ones that I take for the pneumonia are going to be off limit to me, so they are going to give me IV or IM antibiotics from here on out, which are good but I have to find someone to stick me, and I don't like that, I could do it myself, but it's IM, so I am thinking a clinic up here, don't know yet. They also are sending me to a pulmonary guy who will talk to me about another treatment. It’s a really strong antibiotic that has some severe side effects, but they will give it to me when I began exhibiting the symptoms of pneumonia. While it will work to fight the disease, it might cause me to have some hair loss, not much, but a little. They think my lungs are being weakened by a disease I caught when I lived in the San Joaquin Valley. I climbed shark Tooth Mountain looking for shark teeth fossils. There is a bacteria that lives there called cocciomycosis and unfortunately for me, I got the disease. I was on amphoteracin for about two years, and this pushed it into remission or what ever. Well, the surgeon thinks that my lungs are weakened by this spore that lives in my lungs but really isn't doing any damage; in fact, it is dormant but still there, sorta like the TB spores. However, unlike TB, Coccideo isn't contagious. So, the treatment is to kill the spores and free my lungs from this stuff. It’s all silly and a thought, not proven. The pulomonologists will decide if this is what it is or not, but first they have to get my stomach and intestine fixed up, or I will perforate and blood will gush and I will have this slow and painful death. So for now, surgery. Mr. Zelda is so in the dark about all of this, although, I have told him as did the doctor about the ulcers, but the other, well I will explain it all this week. He has to be given new information slowly or he panics. Yep, that’s him. My panicky little man.


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eeeek! you just aren't having any kind of luck!

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