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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Finally the girls are free.

I am a rememberer of almost four decades of daily bra usage. I remember the pointy ones, the padded ones, the lacy ones, the wire then plastic supported ones. I remember bras made from fibers that itched, lace that burned and itched, straps the dug, and the support beams that came out the top and stuck me in my chin. I think men designed those horrible first few decades and later, well later they became too thin, again man, so that my nipples were exposed if I didn’t put something between my skin and the bra. So, too much padding, no padding and everything in between but, but, but, I found a delight. A cotton bra that has no lace, no plastic, no metal, no flowers, no tight straps or cups, no lycra or any other gross shiny material. Cotton that has double in the front, no padding or anything but no nipple showage either. They are a true delight and I bought ten. It is the first time since my budding breasts emerged that I have not fought with my underwear. Yep, I am in bra heaven. I look forward to the bra, and get up extra earlier to make sure that the color I pick matches the color of my socks or my shirt. Okay, that’s a little extreme but why the fuck didn’t some one come up with these things when I was younger. I am finally free without actually letting the girls fly solo. What a great feeling.


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