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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I got to school before daylight. I was sitting on a bench, enjoying the cool morning breeze and watching the stars fade--yep they fade. Anyway, a young girl was on the grass with two large labs. A chocolate, and a blond one, and she was throwing a ball and the blond one ran and caught it and took it to her. It was so exciting watch his agile body jump for the ball, and the chocolate lab took her turn and once she started to wonder off and the girl called her name and she didn’t come so the girl used a firmer tone and the blond lab ran over to the chocolate lab and bit at her legs as if she was scolding the lab for being disobedient. It was a wonderful moment, watching that girl and her dogs. When I got up to go inside, the chocolate lab came and touched my fingers with her nose and I patted her head. She was so cool and sweet and I wanted to get on my knees and scratch her side, but my knees are bad, and I’m sure the owner wouldn’t have liked me getting too personal with her dogs, and so I walked inside the building. I looked back and the dog was still watching me. I think there are times when animals and humans connect, almost like immediate friendship and that was what we had. I hope they are there tomorrow.


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