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Friday, August 19, 2005

When Sisters are More.

Yesterday, my older sister and I spent the day together. We rarely get to spend time alone so it was really nice.

She is the sister who raised me. When my mother’s cancer had totally ravished her body and she was in the hospital for the last time, my older sister came to my house and picked me up.
Before she rescued me was the most frightening day of my life. My mother had been hospitalized the day before and all of my older siblings drove to the hospital to be with her, and I think they forgot about my little sister and me. I was 13 and my younger sister was 9 and that night we waited for word and no one came. They were all concerned about our mother. I got my sister up the next morning, and we walked to school; that afternoon, I walked over to her school and the principal said that one of my older sisters had picked her up. I was afraid that perhaps my mother had died and they might be looking for me and while I wanted to be found, I didn’t want the news, so I walked to the park and sat in the swing thinking about what happens to families when mothers die. It wasn't like I wasn't expecting my mom's death. She had been sick for three years and the last year her body was quickly losing the battle. Her weight dropped and most of the time she spent asleep.
When I got home, no one was there. Later that evening, I was sitting at the kitchen table reading; my oldest sister came and told me to get my things together so I put all my clothes and toys and books and cigar box filled with treasures in sacks and left my home for the last time.
I learned that my little sister was going to live with my next to the oldest sister and I would live with the oldest. I was glad, my oldest sister was smarter, but I wanted my younger sister to live with me, so we went to her and I begged her to move in with us but she wanted to live with (really the only way to describe my next to the oldest sister is) the crazy one.
Mama lived three weeks. At her funeral, my little sister and I wore jumpers that my older sister made for us. We dressed alike from our jumpers and blouses to our socks and shoes. They even put bows in our hair and I thought it was disrespectful to wear such pretty things on the day we were burying our mother.
Anyway, my older sister and I are more like mother daughter and when she comes to visit or I go to visit her, we spend our time excluding the world and just absorb each other. In fact, we talked so much that we both had scratchy voices by the end of the day. We went to the mall and walked up and down and sat and watched people walk up and down. It was so funny watching her buy candy at the candy store. She picked out what she liked and what she remembered me liking and then she got us blue frosty things. We went to the toy store and looked at dolls that we both said we would have liked as kids. She offered to buy me clothes for school but I declined so she bought my grandchildren clothes and I bought her grandchildren books. We looked in the mirror at one of the stores, me in front and she in back. She laughed at her wrinkles and admired my salt and pepper hair. Her hair was blond and it went from blond to white, my hair was black and is still a little black but now gray. She told me that she always wanted green eyes like mine that when I got mad they were exotic looking. I told her that I would keep that in mind in case I ran into some man I wanted to tempt with my exotic side. I’d just get really mad. Maybe that is why Mr. Zelda keeps me angry all the time, my exotic eyes.
By the end of the day, we agreed that me moving so far away from her was good for now, and that she was so proud of me. I told her that because of her, I loved to read. When I was a child, she bought me my first book, Green Eggs and Ham. She had forgotten about that but remembered when I told her.
Families are really nice and while my family is so messed up and was messed up when my mother was alive, there is one thing that is certain, my older sister and I are always going to support each other, defend each other, and take care of each other. I think that is why my other sisters are so jealous of us, well that and the fact that we do have gray matter, we do have looks, and we can actually spell more than our name.


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