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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I feel like I am home

I am two days into graduate school, and I think, well I know, that I can do this. I have found that my professors from my undergraduate school totally prepared me. I am able to contend with the other great minds from all over the country that have assembled in this institute of higher learning, in fact, I am more than a contender, I am far superior or so it seems thus far.

All my anxiety has dissipated and now I have my confidence back. It is amazing the feeling of walking into a class room where everyone wants to be there and are determined and well read and well researched and well educated and the feeling I got listening to their profound interpretations of the literatures and having the ability to understand and expound on their thoughts and it was like doing cocaine and the hours passed and I was so high on the atmosphere that I wanted it to last forever. I am finally where I belong and I feel like the gold fish who has lived in a tiny fish bowl and one day it landed in a fish pond and one day after it exercised and grew and became a big fish, it ended up in a very large lake. Maybe not such a good allegory but hey, it’s better than the bird one that I was going to use.

Anyway, I am better and after this week my routine should be such that I can blog and write and study. I am not sure but I think I will have a little time.


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