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Monday, July 04, 2005

Oppression, Independence, and Morality

Today is Independence Day, the signing of the great document, and I am thinking about other countries that have been invaded and how they might be wanting to draft a document, get an army together to run out the King’s men. I know they must be pissed off that the King’s men can come into their homes ad lib, that the King’s men can occupy their place of worship, their town halls, that these King’s men can kill and pilfer, and rape and listen to their town meetings to make sure there can be no plotting against the King. These poor people must be angered seeing their natural resources going on big boats to the mother country. I am concerned about these people. I wish they had men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock to make them a document and get them a war going to get them freedom from the King. I know their countryside has been ravaged because I have seen in on television. Beautiful old buildings destroyed, mountains that have been there since the beginning and caves that might have given shelter to great men, great prophets are now sunken because of big bombs.

Wait, I forgot, I am a member of the motherland and it is my country and the king of this land that has done this awful thing. How can we, as part of this free world, look ourselves in the mirror? Those poor people.

Today, instead of thinking about my freedom, and don't get me wrong I love my freedom, but I am going to think about those people who are not free, who are oppressed by the king's men. I am going to think about how my grandsons can sit in my yard and play with their toys and I don't worry about men in uniforms and guns running through, and the sounds of war are not routine for us. I am going to think about Iraq and her children and how their oppression is morally wrong. What are we doing?


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