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I live in a small town and enjoy writing about the inhabitants. I spend most of my time perusing through used book stores looking for that one great book that I don't have; consequently, I have rooms filled with books. I am a book addict.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

In a few short hours, I will be 55. Fifty-five, I’m finding out, is not as hard to take as 50 or even 30. But, there are some serious consequences to living this long. I suppose the most worrisome is that I am having these little fantasies about the end of my life. Now mind you, that end is far away and I’m at least one hundred and I have many loving grandchildren who are fawning all over my death bed. I guess the natural order of life is the older you get the more real death becomes. Nonetheless, I am still here and am still working hard to get my PhD. So Happy New Year and hopefully the end of this decade will be the beginning of great things for all of us.


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