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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It has come down to this

So, I am studying or my PhD comps. I figured, originally, that I’d take them around November; however, I, now, am setting a more realistic goal of around January or February. That way, I’ll have the rest of this semester to re-read the material and maybe do a little more outlining of my stuff. Hopefully before the end of spring semester, I will be ABD. Then, the matter of setting down and putting together my dissertation from what I’ve already written into a document to see what I need to add and if I need to add and where and how and so forth.

I came back to school around 2004, I think. Maybe the spring of 2004 and by the spring of 2005, I had my BA in English. I began my MA in Comparative Lit/Cultural studies in the fall of 2005 and finished around the same time I finished my course work for PhD. I know, very weird; however, I didn't really take thesis hours and instead, took classes for my PhD. So, here I am some four years or four and half years later and have become a Bachelor, a Master, and hopefully, soon, a PhD. What does all this mean? Not sure yet.


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dr. zelda. I can't wait!

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