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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Ramblings of A on the other side of the century mark mad woman

Sometimes, I just need to ramble, so that is what I am going to do, ramble. Last night it snowed, and I can’t believe how pretty the snow looks on the leafed out bush behind my patio. It was what I needed before the dreadful heat comes, I hate summer.

My son totaled our truck, not his fault, he had a seizure from arrhythmias from his enlarged heart and prolapsed valve. They are going to monitor his heart for a week and see if he has enough to warrant putting in a pace maker. That makes me sad, he is only 27. He is my good child, the one who took care of me when I was in the wheel chair, not just taking care of me, but taking care of me, like getting me on and off the pot, helping me to get my diapers changed, changing bloody sheets from me starting my period and being paralyzed and not feeling it until he came to get me up for the day. Did I tell you he was only 13 at the time? He took care of me until I was able to tend to myself and he still helps me, always there for me. I guess if I were to give him a name, it would be The Good Son. Never has he ever given me a moment’s grief. Our insurance will pay us 9000 bucks for the truck, that’s good. We should be able to replace it with a car or something. My son feels so badly that he said he will pay us every cent back and I said why, it wasn’t your fault. He is guilt ridden. My baby boy, I love him so much. Last night, I made meat loaf, his favorite and mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. He always comes in right before the food is done to add extras to the potatoes and to the macaroni. I warned him about his cholesterol and he reminded me his was normal, that his heart is from the prolapsed valve and infection, so I warned him about his weight and reminded me that he is still losing that he will not eat as much. So, he added butter to the potatoes, and more cheese the macaroni. I shook my head and my 6’4” baby boy, standing there next to me, 5’3” overwhelms me both physically and emotionally.

So, after we ate, I loaded the dishwasher, and while I was cleaning the kitchen, he and Mr. Zelda tried to look busy doing a load of laundry. One got clothes out of the dryer, the other put towels in the washer, and after I finished, I joined them and saw they had both folded clothes and no two items were folded the same, but I just smiled and thanked them. How funny.

I miss my dove, the one that was eaten by the red tailed hawk. Maybe another one will take to coming to my feeders for some raisins. No, Mike, not raisin porn. Hey, maybe they, too, will link to me.

Everyone is still asleep, and my first cup of coffee was so nice, now I’m going in for the second cup and maybe an egg or something. I love to watch snow in a quiet house, where no one is around but me and my cyber friends. So, I am whispereing and trying to be real quiet. Until I have something more substantial to write. Salve Amios, Or something like that.


Blogger delagar said...

Salve! I wish it snowed it the fort.

9:08 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

Our lives are substantial, zelda, to each of us and to others who hear our stories. You called it rambling; in literary terms, it's a reflection. Whatever it gets labeled, you felt it and wrote it.
That's what matters.

12:39 PM  

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