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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Last Day

It’s quiet in the Zelda household. Son, Mr. Zelda, and baby are asleep. The baby’s rash is much improved, I’ve been putting Vaseline on after his bath and before he goes to bed. It has faded to a light pink and the blisters are gone. The scabbed over ankles are not red looking now, and he will probably lose the scab today or tomorrow. The Baby has eczema, like me. I take a pill for mine and use hydrocortisone cream, but he can’t take the medication for it, we tried it, and it made him hyperactive, so the doctor gave him a prescription for a hydrocortisone cream and told us to keep his skin moist with a thick cream like Vaseline. So, that is the secret, well that and rinsing his clothes twice, using a really expensive bath soap and shampoo, and if we see that he his breaking out, use the hydrocortisone cream. But, that’s too much trouble for Drug Addict Daughter. She won’t even go fill his prescription, let alone put Vaseline on his skin. He says itch and scratches and she just puts baby lotion on it, which makes it worse.

Something very cute happened when I picked him up. We went home and picked up Mr. Zelda and The Good Son, and went to a really good barbeque place to eat. A woman and man comes in with a baby and my Baby kept saying, “Ohhh, baby.” When we got ready to leave, he says, “Bye baby, bye uncle, bye girl uncle.” It didn’t occur to us until we were in the car, but his father isn’t a part of his life, or doesn’t claim him, he’s around, just doesn’t participate in his life nor does Baby call him daddy, so Baby’s entire world of adult interactions are brother, Mama, Nanna, Uncle, and Granddad. When he saw the man and woman with the baby, I think, he assumed the man was uncle and the woman was not his, My Baby’s, mama, so it must be girl uncle. How smart is this baby of mine!
Drug Addicted Daughter called last night. She asked when we were bringing Baby home, and Good Son asked her if we could keep him next week, she said, no, of course. So, today, I am taking Baby home. It kills me, and if I could just keep him, I would. I’m taking her soap, Vaseline, and I’ve washed and double rinsed all his clothes, so for a week, she shouldn’t put anything on him that will cause him to itch, and I’m sure that I’ll have him again next weekend.


Blogger Mouse said...

do you realize it's the last day of spring break too? this makes me sad and excited all at once. I want you to keep Baby though. I like when you have Baby.

1:30 PM  
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