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Thursday, October 20, 2005

An alligator, a thong, and no sleep.

The nightmares are killing me. Last night, I dreamed there was a small creek that crossed the road, that would be a ford, and my grandson and I were going to walk through it, but we knew there were alligators lurking. My grandson takes off through the water, and I run after, and I can feel the alligators tough skin and know that if they come out of the water they will bite us, and I push my grandson onto the dry land and tell him to run, and just as I get to the edge of the water something grabs me and pulls me back in, and I scream and my grandson comes back, and I’m tell him to run and then and then I wake up. Mr. Zelda says what’s wrong and I say bad dream and he says go back to sleep and I say where were you when I was getting attacked by gators and he says on the beach watching babes in thongs and I try to hit him with my crippled up hands and he laughs and I say go back to sleep but don’t go into the water.


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