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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Showing off the car

I am driving the new car. We got it for Mr. Zelda but I am kind of liking it more than the truck. I mean it is so easy to turn around and park and all of that. So every day he says, did you show off the car? I say, no. He says why not. I say, why would I? I mean people see me driving it and what more is there? Well, I know what he is talking about after watching him yesterday show off the new car. Mr. Zelda and the men from the apartments where we live, by the way, most of those men are hunters and gatherers and beer drinkers so out of Mr. Zelda’s element. He went to get his book of Robert Frost’s poetry when the men folk accosted him.. They all gather and are looking at the car, they look inside the trunk, and they remark about the little latch that keeps you from getting locked inside, and they talk about the room, and they look at the tires again, and then they look inside the car, and he shows them the map light and the sunglass holder and the little compartment we haven’t figured out yet and how he can manipulate the radio with the steering wheel and the size of that glove box. Wow! They look at the motor and talk about gas mileage, and they discuss oils and windshield cleaner, and then he comes in and sees me smiling at him. What he says, and I say what was that, and he says what, and I say the going over the car with the village hunters, and he says I was showing off the car. So there you have it, showing off the car is actually giving someone the grand tour. It’s like showing off the new purse or the new jacket or the new backpack, same thing but only for a car. Now I get it.


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