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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

They are just cars

I wanted to get a car with an initial like my friend who has a car that has the letter X or Z or something. Then I could have said the X and everyone would know what I was talking about. I got a ford and while it has a Z in its name, ford something something Z, I just say the new little car. That is what it will be from here on out. Like the truck is the truck and the old car is the old car and the white car was the white car. I mean, when car makers give the cars names, do they intend for that car to forever be referred to as a Z or an X, even when the car is past it’s prime? Is it still cool?

One of my writer group friends has a pretty yellowish car and it’s a Jaguar and she refers to it as the Jag and I didn’t know what a Jag was or the prestige that went alone with having that kind of car until she picked me up at school. I was sitting on a bench and she pulls up and about ten people, who were standing around me, said, almost at the same time, wow look at that Jag. That’s how I knew it was my friend, and I said, oh that’s my ride.
It’s really funny how people put so much stock in the popularity of their car.

I had an older friend, much older than I, and she was what I would refer to as trailer park trash, but I liked her so much. She had this old worn out towncar, and she always referred to it as the town car. I don’t know, I guess if you have nothing and get something, even if that something is really old, you are going to be happy to express your love for that something.

My point to this madness is that an old man, who sits in the union trying to cruise for chicks, says to a younger nontraditional student that he has an MG, and I’m thinking a movie so I listen and she says really and he says yeah wanna go for a ride sometimes and she says yeah and he says cool and I’m thinking fuck what are they 15? I wonder if she went for a ride and if he had as much trouble getting into and out of the MG as he had getting up and down the stairs. Is it really worth the pain?


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Blogger delagar said...

See, cause me, I'd rather have books.

1:53 PM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

Me too, lots and lots of books. A good book is so much better than anything. A good book can take me to places no car can, no man can, no plane can well where only the words can.

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