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Friday, October 21, 2005

Adding Parts

They, the surgeons, have removed all removable parts—well I do have two kidneys, an entire liver, and a spleen left. I suppose they could remove those but I don’t have an appendix, tonsils, gallbladder, part of my pancreas, cartilage covering my big joints, reproductive organs, nor do I have my wisdom teeth. So, as it seems, I am free of all the unnecessary parts but alas, the doctors have started adding parts, like, well there’s the stainless steel knee joint on my right knee, I have some bought teeth that came after the drunk driver ran me down like a mad dog, I have not just glasses with bifocals but trifocals and I’m thinking, if they make them quad focal, the latest addition to my badly deteriorating body, hearing aides. Yep, I am stone deaf, or so I think, and will probably have hearing aides before thanksgiving. My friend’s grandsons, triplets, all wear hearing aides, and they have these beautifully colored ones, I am hoping they offer those to adults. I want hot pink. If I have to plug things in my ears, I want them to look happy. So getting old, well it has its perks for sure, but it sure does have its downside too and I’d have to say the loss of hearing and eyesight is a downer. In the days when I was young and hip, I'd say, "no, shit a real bummer."


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