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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Promises, Promises

I had plans to go to my favorite bookstore. I was going to go peruse for some resources for a paper I am working on. I forgot that this is the weekend of the Promise Keepers. You know, where all these fundamentalists men get together and hug and pray and make all these promises to be better men. Yep, that is what they do. I am not opposed to that, in fact, I think male bonding is nice; however, I am opposed to their religious meeting being held at my University. I can actually say that now, since I have officially been accepted into its graduate school. There are so many available vendors; yet, they are meeting in a federally funding university. I wonder if, for instance, they would allow a huge Jewish meeting there or a Buddhist’s monk meeting or a Wicca meeting or a Jehovah witness meeting? I might go up there just to see what their bumper stickers say, what kind of vehicles they drive, and where they eat and how they eat and are they really dedicated. I wonder if they are, in fact, there to be better men. I wonder why they have to meet together to be better men, why, for instance, can’t they meet with their wives and make these promises. I wonder why there can’t be women there. Did Jesus meet with men separate to instruct them on how to be better husbands? Nope, he didn’t, I checked. He allowed women and girl children to come to his meetings on how to become better people. You get a bunch of fundies together and it could be dangerous, it could be deadly if you consider the past when over zealous men got together and did things to improve their world let me see of recent, oh yeah, the lynching of African Americans, the holocaust, the burning of accused-of-witchcraft women and men, and other such acts of depraved acts of genocide in the name of God and country. I best stay home this weekend.


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