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Sunday, March 20, 2005

We need a new stove, cooking stove that is. Anyway, the one I have came with my house, and I have owned this house for nearly fifteen years. The stove is probably as old as the house. The house was built in the late 40s so you get the idea.
The stove works, but it is old and scratched and the oven is off ten degrees. That isn’t bad, unless of course you don’t know it and you try to cook a pie for forty minutes at 350 degrees and you realize after an hour it isn’t cooked. So, since I have been down, and others have been cooking on my old stove, it has put the husband to shame and so he announces this morning that we are going to get a stove, he has picked it out, and there will be no discussion. I don’t pick out his tools, and so I calmly tell him no, that I will decide what stove I want and furthermore, I have a brother-in-law with connections so that we can get one with a discount. My problem is that while my husband thought he was doing a good thing, buying me a new stove, why is it that he has to be so controlling about the deal. He doesn’t cook, doesn’t even know how to light the pilot light; yet, he is going to try and force me to take the stove he chooses. I tried to remain calm as I told him over and over that I will get a stove when I am well. He begins yelling and telling me I am difficult and for me to calm down. Me calm down. I begin to feel my anger rise, but I resist the temptation to be what he has become, and I simply tell him he acting foolish and for him to calm down. Upon hearing these words he becomes insultive to me. Sometimes, verbal abuse hurts much worse than physical. I miss being single.


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