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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Money Matters!

I’m not rich, hell; I’m not even middle class. Since the Republicans are in charge, I am fast losing footing and almost hitting the poverty level. Jobs are being sent overseas, my husbands may be next, and in all of this, I try to think positively but it just isn’t happening. We went out to eat last night, after my quick trip to the doctor for the ouch painful procedure, and while there, I cringed at the cost of the food for my husband and myself; twenty-two dollars for the both of us and with tip, well, it was more than we could afford. We did stay and we did eat, but we brought the left-overs home, and I made sure there were leftovers for his lunch today. Twenty-two dollars should feed us for a couple of days and not one meal. What does this mean? When did money lose its staying power in my bank account? I have books to buy for graduate school, an apartment to rent, gas to buy, at least two professional suits, and yes shoes. Geeze, I’m beginning to have a panic attack about money, something I haven’t done in years. Why? Because the damned republicans want to make sure no one but the rich have it made. The rest of us are like mice in a maze looking for that kernel of corn, hoping for one easy day. I’m going to take another Xanax. It will take away the brain pain.


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