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Thursday, March 03, 2005

No money no help?

I am going to have surgery next week; and while doing the pre-admit thing, I noticed a sign. If you don't have insurance at the time of your surgery, pay 5000 dollars. Then, there was another sign for a less amount if you don't have insurance and have made arrangments to put it on your credit card, you must pay 500 dollars. Now, I may be wrong, but I am willing to wager that a person who has no insurance has no credit card. So, if you have no insurance, no credit, and have no way of backing this surgery, do you just get sent away? I have insurance, in fact, I have two insurances. So, preadmission for me was easy; however, a woman sitting next to me, in the booth next to me that is, was trying to get admitted, and they were telling her that she could go to Little Rock. Little Rock is three hours away, the hospital is a learning hospital, probably good, but it is three hours away. The uninsured woman was in tears, and I felt awful for her. She needed surgery and couldn't get it. This is that great healthcare that all those conservative, bushwackers so proudly push in everyone's face. Our healthcare is the worst in the world. At least, in those third world countries, the hospitals from here fund care, and the doctors from here go over and provide free medical care, not that there is anything wrong with that; but in their own country, they won't let a woman with no insurance be admitted into the hospital. Am I crazy or is our healthcare system hypocritical? Chairty abroad but not at home. I don't get it.


Blogger delagar said...

Have you been paying attention to the new bankruptcy law that's making its way through congress? It's going to make it all but impossible for most people to declare bankruptcy, even though studies show that half of all bankruptcies are caused by medical problems and happen to middle class people *with* health insurance.

So: your health insurance won't save you from staggering medical debt when you get sick, down the line. And right now as we speak, your government is in cohoots with the credit card companies to make sure you never get out of debt with them either.

Welcome to America, the Indentured Servitude Nation.

Laissez-Faire Capitalism, it's a great thing!

6:46 AM  

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