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Thursday, March 03, 2005

What is the deal?

Is it me, or is the entire world spinning out of control. It's probably me, but I am going to take a stab at blamming others, after all, our president will not admit fucking up by sending our troops to Iraq, nor will he admit his error in letting those troops torture and humiliate the prisoners to the point that we are no better than all those hidieous others who tortured our own soldiers, that is in wars passed. Perhaps, it has been going on forever, perhaps it is a fact of war. Get caught, get treated badly. I don't know but back to the world spinning thing. I hear the mumble of our youth, our youth, who are suppose to be enlightened, who are suppose to be cool; yet, they are making hate comments about people, who happen to be different, not different in a hair color way, but different in a sexual orientation way, different as in a racial way, different as in an economic way, and even in a degree seeking way. I expect, well I don't expect, but it doesn't surprise me when the older students have ideas that are dated; but a teenager! Come on, did we not do something in the day when we were rallying for equal rights, have we made no progress in acceptance of those who are different, and instead of frowning on the differences, embrace the differences. Are we, in fact, raising a bunch of red neck, right wing, leviticanites, and if so, what is to become of the world? What is to become of the people of the world?


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