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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Stranger In The Dark!

I went to a thing last night. I have been having a time with my knees and after I walked as far as I could back to the car, Mr. Zelda went the rest of the distance and came picked me up. While I was sitting on the steps waiting, a kid approached me for a light. I told him I don’t smoke, he says he should quit, and then he sits next to me on the steps. I am not fearful of being raped or anything like that, but he scared me. Sitting there next to me like that. I had no purse, not phone, no nothing and wondered of Mr. Zelda could see me. He asked me if I was a teacher and I said no, a student. He then asked me if I lived up here and I said yes with my husband. I saw the lights from our car coming up the road, and I quickly said there is my husband. He said, let me walk you to the car. Damnit am I so tainted by mean people that I didn’t recognize a young man being nice? He walked me to the car and said it was real nice talking to me. I said you too and hope to see you around campus. Then I said wait. We have a lighter in our car somewhere, and he found it and lit his cigarette. Then we drove away.


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