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Friday, November 11, 2005

My Schedule not my Vagina

Okay, having grossed you all out about my vagina, I will try to tell you uplifting things, things that make for good dinner conversation or not. I have my classes for next semester picked and I am pumped, I am going to take really cool things, learn really cool things, and have all new classmates, that’s the good thing, NO MORE UNDERGRADUATES IN MY GRADUATE CLASSES.

Undergraduates need to be led to the hidden text, to the deeper meaning, and they want to argue the text with the subtext and it’s like trying to feed a baby steak when they have no teeth and when they choke it scares you but you keep on trying. That’s what it’s like being in class with undergraduates. The professor has to feed them baby food and when the graduates want steak he cuts tiny tiny pieces and we have to watch the undergraduates choke.

From here on out, the only undergrads I want in my class are those that I am spoon feeding. Yes, that is it.


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