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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Old Age Sucks!

It has occurred to me that growing old sucks. I know that I have posted this before but recently I realized just how much it sucks. Well, the truth is, I got new glasses a while back and realized that the mirror that I use to brush my teeth and brush my hair has been dirty so I cleaned it and now, I see really well the woman that I have become. Big dark circles under my eye and when I tried to conceal it, those deep wrinkles filled up with the concealer and then I just had little white lines all around my eyes, not pretty. Then there is the hair. It used to be so pretty, black it was, if I recall, but now it is gray and even has some yellow places. My chin, god I don’t know what it’s doing. You know, just when a woman gets to that part of her life when life is good; the kids are grown, the mortgage paid off, the car paid off, and no more periods, well this happens; old age. Breasts sag, belly falls, knees hide behind thigh fat, did I say breasts sag, hair changes color, eyes lose their glamour, and off all things, sore joints prevent that mountain climbing that I dreamed about for so long. Did I mention breasts sag? When did that happen, I mean really, one day they were perky and giggled when I walked and men took notice and I had the world by it’s tail, and now, even with a good bra, they sway like those on Betsy the cow. Sway, shit, who wants swaying girls, not to fail to mention, the nipples have gone down under, like Australia, and only with lots of pulling and pushing can I even find them. So, if I wanted to pierce the girls, well, that too would not be wise. I even got the mirror down, you ladies know which one I mean, the one that fits nicely in my hand so I can check out the privates. Anyway, I got it out and was looking to see how bad my major part looked and I must say, the hairs are gray there too and while there are not many wrinkles other than the ones I had, the geography isn’t familiar. I am like a ghost town. Cobwebs and all. Life sucks.


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