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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Three More Days of Real Class Time!!!

WE finished Moby Dick. I must say, three weeks was way too long to discuss the ramblings of Melville. Well, truthfully, he does have a poetic language and if reading it for the second or third time, the music of his language does ring true of a really good poem, but, but, it’s about a fucking whale hunt, and I like whales, and I while understand why they did it, killed the harmless whales, I still go yuck. Plus, how many times and how many ways are these characters going to be defined, rebuked, displayed, and finally well finally left. Plus, the professor is a misogynist oh not like in hating all women, just women, smart women. He says there are not any good female writers! I screech and say what about…he cuts me off. What about…he cuts me off. So, not only did I take a class that I thought was going to give me insights on Hawthorne and Melville, and found it to be a class where this arrogant asshole takes every opportunity to criticize the South and the people of the South, but he is a misogynist. ( I also suspect him to be a little racists) Maybe the book would have been better if taught by a professor who isnt' so judgemental and so rude. Someone who would be open to discussions, this was a seminar class, and one that was open to varieties of people and ideas. This man had one student, well this student seemed to get along with the professor and when the other students commented, he, the professor, would look at the other student and the two would make faces. Thus, few people commented.
Alas, I have only three more, say it again, three more days and I am free, free from his ramblings and his arrogance and his insecurities. Yes, he is insecure and that is why he picks on his students. He really wants to feel superior and he can do this by, yes, you got it, trying to make others feel less. Sometimes, I feel like one or more of the students in the class are going to jump up and scream and yell and hit and do damage, but the students have been pretty calm. Although, there have been a couple of times that heated moments have occurred. I usually laugh, yes that’s me, the laughing fool who just doesn’t want conflict. Please, let the last three days pass without conflict.
Oh, I forgot, this professor also spends a good protion of our class time telling us how stupid other professors are and how ingnorant his undergraduates are. Yep, he is a reall keeper.


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